Creating Your Personal Style

Your teen years are all about fitting in, not standing out — right? We disagree! It’s important for you to find a unique way to express yourself so you can let your true colors shine! You can start by creating a style that is perfect for you! Here are ideas for how to have your own personal style through little details and finishing touches.


Determine Your Thing

The first step to developing your own style is to know what you like best about yourself. Do you have great hair? A charming smile? Beautiful skin? Crystal-blue eyes? Long legs? It is easiest to work around those characteristics that make you feel good about yourself and choose a style that compliments your best features.


Start with a Fearless Attitude

Experimenting with your personal style is just the start of what makes you…you! It’s a great idea to start your day off on the right foot with the right attitude. Look for a fresh start. Start your look with a clean face by using a skin care regimen that cleans, hydrates and refreshes your skin! Then,

Create Your Own Style Everyday Fashion Tips

Have you ever opened up a fashion magazine and thought “What in the world were they thinking? Did they dress these models in the dark?” You’re not alone. The mixture of prints and fabrics featured in these magazines make their outfits look like the dressing room floor rather than something you’d actually wear to school.

But here’s a little secret—no one actually wears that stuff…well, not all together at least. The real value of these so-called “fashion trends” is to find something you think is cool, and work it into your existing wardrobe. Save yourself the trouble of matching your outfits to the mannequins in the storefront, and rock your own trends.

Here are five tips to help you discover your personal style and feel confident in everything you put on.

Find the Right Fit
When it comes to style, fit is everything. When something fits right, you’re not only more comfortable, but the clothes will look better on you. Don’t try to force your figure into every style. If skinny jeans aren’t your thing, try out the boot cut. Be sure to try on everything you plan to buy. It may look great on the hanger,

Teenage Accessories

If Santa (or the ‘rents) didn’t get you a whole new wardrobe for the holiday season, no need to freak. If you’re on a budget (and who isn’t?!), keep it simple this new year. Adding new makeup and fun teenage accessories can turn that old frown of an outfit upside down!


You know the feeling all too well. It’s six in the morning, your hair is up in a towel, you have to be out of the house in, like, 20 minutes (looking perfectly cute in the perfect outfit with the perfect hair), and you’re ripping through drawers and closets because you have NOTHING to wear! Drama! Believe me, this happens everyday ALL over the world.


The thing is, you don’t need to have a trust fund to give yourself a makeover—just a little creativity with teenage accessories.


Accessories, especially teenage accessories, are always big, whether it be the 1880s or the 21st century. This year, if you’re going to shop for necklaces or bangles, you have to go big. Necklaces can run you about $7 to $30.


Chokers and dainty necklaces are out. Opt for

Create Your Own Style 5 Fashion Tips

Here are five tips to help you discover your personal style and feel confident in everything you put on.

1. Find the Right Fit
When it comes to style, fit is everything. When clothes fit just right, you’re not only more comfortable, but you’ll also be more confident. Don’t try to force your figure into every style. If skinny jeans aren’t your thing, try maxi dresses instead. Be sure to try on everything you plan to buy. It may look great on the hanger, but it’s better to be safe than saying, “What was I thinking?!” later.

The same rules also apply to your period! Finding the right pad or tampon for your period’s flow is important. It might take some time and practice to find what works best for you, but it’ll be so worth it. Once you find the right fit, you’ll feel confident and comfortable — so you can wear whatever you want!

2. Make the Effort
It might be

Online Selling of Ghagra Choli

girlMarriage dresses in Pakistan are in enormous assortment and are accessible in assortment of outlets too .As Bridal dress is the most vital dress a young lady can ever have in her life .She sees a ton of dreams about her big day .What’s more, in this manner she do arranging a considerable measure about everything identified with her big day .A standout amongst the most essential thing that she arranges about her big day is her Bridal Dress .She continues making arrangements about the outlining of her wedding dress what style she ought to picked that suits her and make her more wonderful than before, its shading what shading blend ought to be utilized, and most essential its image what brand ought to be chosen to buy the marriage dress from .Every one of these things and arranging matters a great deal in any young lady’s life whether she has a place with any nation, any city, any society and so on .


  • Selling of Outfits of wedding on Internet:

In Pakistan, there is additionally the

Why find designers to make bridal lehenga in Delhi

Have you started your shopping for your wedding day? You must be overly excited, nervous, happy and equally tensed In the process of getting the best. Here the most challenging part is to search your perfect bridal lehenga collection.

Designer and non-designershops:

In today’s date, who doesn’t want designer lehenga for her wedding? Many brides prefer the designer lehengas. There are plenty of popular markets, malls, and stand-alone shops in Delhi, which staffs understand and provide the need of their customers. Nowadays, the top most Indian fashion designers design lehengas exclusively for awedding. These are breathtakingly beautiful and can also burn a hole in your pocket. If you can spend a good amount, you can always have these designer lehengas. Because the price range of these lehengas starts from four to five lacs.

There are some lesser known designers in Delhi whose designs are nothing less than awesome. Some of them have their own boutique in their home, and some of them have small shops in thecertain market area. Some of these designs can be the exact replica of the original one but comes with a lower cost than the original one. People who

London Collections Men Celebrate our fashion leaders from Craig Green to Christopher Kane

The headline shows of London Collections Men consistently garner plaudits – but what better way to celebrate our menswear leaders than by putting their wares on your back?

Craig Green is the designer seen as menswear’s great white hope. His latest line debuts tomorow, but his spring has already sprung into stores, including this shirt(1 – see gallery below), simple but criss-crossed with trusses. Looks great, but also highly wearable – a riposte to the reputation Green has unfairly gained for outré boundary-pushing.

It only takes a generous hem to do that in menswear, apparently – but Green’s trademark baggy trousers are influencing everyone. Case in point? These Wide strides (2) from Topman Design.

Unwearability brings us to JW Anderson – he of “Moob-tube” and ruffled skirt-for-him infamy. But J-Dubs, as he’s colloquially known, has built a tidy business around his menswear, specifically Natty Knits (3) that retain design integrity without scaring the horses. That’s the challenge of menswear: how to innovate but not alienate? Christopher Bailey has nailed it at Burberry – his spring show made lace palatable for men, and cut a silk and wool trench coat (4) to drape like a dressing-gown.

10 Awesome Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

It’s Friday night and you’re frantically searching through your wardrobe to put together the right outfit, but you just can’t seem to find anything that matches. Sound familiar? This is the kind of struggle all women have to go through, but things don’t have to be too complicated. You can make your life a whole lot easier with some clever fashion tips that will allow you look your best in any occasion. There will be some differences depending on your personal style, body type and personality, but most of these tips will work for any of woman out there.

1. Old things must go!

 This is where you should start – there’s no room for change if you don’t make it yourself. Open up your closet and take a good look ot your clothes. You should ask yourself one simple question – if you were in a store right now, what items from your closet would you buy? It’s a very simple and quite efficient game you should play once in a while. If you want to stop spending hours in front of your closet, it needs to be neat and color coordinated – hoarding clothes always leads to mess. All clothes

Newbie Fashion Tips for Grown-Up Men

Just over a month ago, I ran into a friend at a CES event. While I see this friend around town once in a while, this was the first time I’d seen him in a non-casual setting since Blogworld 4 months earlier. After exchanging the usual pleasantries, he asked me an odd question: “Is this like your conference party outfit?”

Indeed, I was wearing the exact same clothes I’d worn to the event four months earlier. Since he doesn’t usually see me dressed up, it stood out enough for him to remember. But that’s not the real point, here; the real point is that I have few clothes suitable for “adult” gatherings.

I have a suit, of course, for weddings and funerals. (I haven’t had a job interview in 9 years, but if I did, it would be suitable for that, too.) And I have my day-to-day clothes, which aren’t awful but which aren’t anything to brag about, either. Functional casual, basically: jeans and khakis, an assortment of button-front shirts, some cotton sweaters.

As a college professor, there’s not a lot of pressure on me to dress up. If anything, it’s just the opposite. For one thing, I interact regularly with younger people,

7 Things That Will Happen When You Start Doing Planks Every Day

Bodyweight exercises are gaining ground in the fitness world due to the practicality and simplicity of getting in shape using your own body weight. Planks are one form of bodyweight exercises that will never go out of fashion. Planks are one of the most effective exercises you can do. Why? Because they require a small time investment on your part, and offer the chance to achieve substantial results in a relatively short span of time.

Abdominal muscles must provide support for our entire back and spinal column.. In doing so, they also play a vital role in preventing injuries. However, for them to perform this function successfully, our core muscles have to be strong and trained on a regular basis. What all this means is that doing plank exercises every day is a great way to strengthen your core, and in doing so, support your spine.

Now, let’s focus on what will happen when you start doing planks every day:

1. You’ll improve core definition and performance:

Planks are an ideal exercise for the abdominal muscles exactly because they engage all major core muscle groups including the transverse abdominus, the rectus abdominus, the external oblique muscle, and the glutes. The importance of strengthening each muscle group cannot be underestimated either,

How to Stretch Shoes That Are Too Tight

Don’t you hate it when you get the perfect pair of shoes only to discover that they are too tight on your feet? Sure, they did seem to fit when you tried them on at the department store, but after wearing them for a few hours, you realize that they are actually uncomfortably tight. This does happen. If you can’t return the shoes—or don’t want to—there are ways you can stretch them out to fit. Here are several.

Hire a professional cobbler

If you want to shell out a few bucks, take your shoes to a local cobbler, where they can be stretched out to your liking. If your town doesn’t have such a place, ask around at the local department stores to see if they provide the service or can refer you to a place that does. Going this route does require some time and effort on your part. There are some other ways you can try to stretch your shoes that won’t cost you anything.

Wear your shoes around the house

In order to be able to wear those shoes for long periods, such as all day at work or all evening at a social gathering, you’re going to have to make

Teenage Acne—Serious Cases

Major breakouts…too many zits to count.


If you feel you have a serious teenage acne condition, you should talk with your mom or another adult about seeing a dermatologist. A dermatologist is a skin doctor who will be able to work with you to find a solution for your teenage acne problem. Remember, what you think is a major breakout may be just a bad case of normal teenage acne. But a dermatologist knows best. Here is what dermatologists want you to know about teenage acne.


During your first visit, the dermatologist will evaluate you. This may mean looking at the severity of your condition and asking you questions about what you have been doing to cleanse and care for your skin, or finding out how long you’ve had teenage acne problems. Your dermatologist may also ask if you are pregnant, nursing, or trying to become pregnant. Be sure to tell your dermatologist if any of these apply. This information will help your dermatologist create an appropriate treatment plan just for you.


Once your dermatologist has made their assessment, they may offer you treatment to help with your teenage acne. At first, your doctor may prescribe topical treatments—treatments

7 Tips to Make Your DIY Manicure Look Professional

Cute nails are always in — especially when it looks like you went to a salon! Save some money and get the same look from home with these tips for a DIY manicure that looks oh so professional.


1. Set Up for Success
Before you begin, gather your tools and supplies on a table or a comfortable, flat surface. What do you need? A basin of soapy water, polish remover, cotton balls, buffer, nail file, cuticle cream, clippers, hand moisturizer and, most importantly, a dazzling array of polish colors. Be sure you put an old towel or newspaper under your chair — the last thing you need is to explain that polish on the carpet to your mom.


2. Get Your Fingers Ready
Remove all traces of your old polish (it’s best to do this before your hands get wet). You can do this by soaking a cotton ball in polish remover and lightly rubbing it on your nails until the polish is gone. Then, soak your hands in the soapy water. Remember, the best DIY manis start with super-clean hands.


3. Smooth Your Nails
After you’ve soaked your hands in warm, soapy

How To Apply False Eyelashes

When prom is approaching, it’s time to pull out all the stops. Want dramatic, sexy lashes that go on for miles? The long, dense, fluttery lashes you’ve seen on the hottest celebs? Well, ask them and they’ll tell you, for lashes that nearly reach your eyebrows, false eyelashes are in!


False eyelashes were the rage in the ’60s, and they’ve recently made a comeback with a vengeance. Models and celebrities use them far more often than you think. If you yearn to look beyond glam—and you’re up for the challenge—there’s no bigger night than the prom to learn how to apply false eyelashes! To make your first experience easier, there are starter kits that include adhesive, a few styles of lashes and an eyelid wide-applicator that looks like an overgrown tweezer. The sales staff at department store cosmetic counters are also available to teach you how to apply false eyelashes.


We suggest you start practicing way before prom night, and opt for full strip lashes for your whole lash line because they are easier to apply. As impressive as they look when applied correctly, they can be one sad goopy mess if you’re unsure of what you’re doing.


The first step on how

What Is a Zit?

What is a zit? “Zits”—that’s short for pimples or acne. And they’re all about hormones. You probably hear that word a lot when you’re going through puberty. The reason is that hormones are responsible for a lot of changes going on in your body—the development of breasts, pubic hair, and, yes, zits.


Hormones can cause the glands in the pores of your skin to produce more oil than necessary. If this happens, your pores can get blocked. (Kind of like a traffic jam under your skin.) If a pore gets blocked up, the oil glands can get infected with bacteria. When this happens—you get a zit.


What is a zit, and what do they look like? Your basic zit is red. There are also whiteheads—zits that are filled with a yellowish or whitish pus—and blackheads. Blackheads look like zits, except they have a black dot on top.


Some girls find they get more zits right before their period than at any other time of the month. The reason? Because those hormones are acting up. The good news is that your skin will probably clear up once you’ve gone through puberty and your hormones

African-American Hair Tips by Stephanie C

I know from personal experience that we as African-American young ladies have a hard time keeping our hair looking good, while at the same time not spending too much money. Me personally, I like saving my money for buying clothes or going out and doing something fun with my friends. I believe, why spend more money than you need to? Most people only spend money on some items because they want to, it’s not something that has to happen. I have some African-American hair tips that will leave you with beautiful hair and money to spare.


African-American hair can definitely be difficult to manage, if you don’t have the right hair care products. The key to good hair care is healthy maintenance and selecting the right products. Both of which are achievable with these African-American hair tips.


Cleansing the hair of all debris is the first defense against damaged hair. If possible, always use a moisture-rich shampoo that detangles hair while cleansing at the same time, and doesn’t strip the hair of essential nutrients. The product I use is Pantene Pro-V Relaxed and Natural, which is for African-American hair. The product labeling states that it has moisturizing conditioners that hydrate hair and

DIY Manicures and Pedicures

Treating yourself to a DIY manicure and pedicure at home can be a fun way to pamper your hands and feet without ever having to leave your house. Not to mention you’ll save a few bucks! It’s also a great time to experiment with new colors and designs. You can use the time to care for yourself and relax, or grab a friend and make it a polish party!


Before you get started, remember that it is important to be safe and clean. So talk to your mom or other trusted adult to see what you have at home and what you need to purchase. Then find a good place to focus on the task at hand. Now you’re ready to get started.


What you need:

  • Cotton balls
  • Nail polish remover
  • Small tub of warm water
  • Soap
  • Towel
  • Lotion
  • Nail clippers
  • Orangewood/cuticle stick
  • Emery board/nail file
  • Base coat nail polish
  • Nail polish (color of your choosing)
  • Clear top coat nail polish
  • Pumice stone
  • Foam toe dividers


Giving Yourself a Manicure

  1. Remove any old nail polish on your nails by wiping nails with a cotton ball dipped with nail polish remover.
  2. Soak your hands in

Frizzy Hair Day Do’s & Don’ts

Did you wake up this morning with your hair a frizzy, wild mess? Chances are, if your hair has even the slightest wave or curl, it’s susceptible to frizz. We’re all about embracing your natural hair texture, but there are always days when it’s just totally out of hand! Here are some do’s and don’ts for turning the frizziest hair day around to get a great look you’ll feel great about.

Do’s for Frizzy Days

The most important Do is to love your hair. Many are jealous of the regal quality of curly and wavy hair!

  • Drink a lot of water. The health of your hair also comes from within.

  • Buy a showerhead water filter. It gives you chlorine-free and harsh mineral-free water that helps make the products you use more effective.

  • Massage your scalp and hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. Natural oils will remain in your hair, relaxing the frizz.

  • Use a big, round brush to smooth your hair as you dry. The advantage of aluminum brushes is that the inner core warms with the heat of the dryer, providing the double advantage of heat and styling

Winter Hair Care

There’s no doubt that the onset of cooler temperatures and the fewer hours of sunlight bring with them a new set of hair demands. Blustery winds snarl hair. Snow, rain, and icy cold make hair brittle and dry. Did you know indoor heating can be as damaging as spending the afternoon under a hair dryer? From split ends to dry frizz, static electricity to hat hair, when it hits, a bad winter hair day can last for months.


Somehow girls who know they have to use conditioner in the summer months because of the heat and the sun, forget that from December to February, indoor heating can totally dehydrate your winter hair. Not to worry. No matter what’s causing your hair woes, you can take the protective, replenishing steps to insure your hair does not get damaged. Here are BeingGirl’s top ten winter hair care tips.


Winter Hair Tip 1

If you’ve ever tried to pull socks out of the clothes dryer, you know that static electricity can be a powerful force. When cold conditions cause static to play havoc with your hair, use the same remedy you would on your laundry: a fabric-softening dryer sheet

Hair Tips for Girls

Some days your hair can have a mind of its own and some days it works just perfectly. What we know is that it needs proper care for best results. Whether you style your hair everyday or prefer to throw it back into a pony tail, here are some daily hair care tips especially for us girls that can keep you away from unruly hair dilemmas.


Clean It Up!

It’s always good to start with a good base of clean and shiny hair. Keep it clean by washing it regularly, which can mean several times a week or every day. Shampooing cleans the scalp and hair by removing dirt, oil and product build-up, but it can also take out the natural oils that make your hair shiny, bouncy and easy to control. It’s best to use a shampoo specifically designed for your type of hair; Whether your hair is curly, straight, frizzy, flat, stressed out or colored, there’s a shampoo for every hair type. Also consider special shampoo made for swimmers if you’re in the pool or at the beach a lot. Follow the directions on the product and know when your hair needs a good wash.

All About Hair Products

Tired of the same old look everyday? Learn all about hair products for a new look every day of the week. Go wavy one day, simply straight the next. Get some va-va-volume, do an up-do, or just add some sparkle.


All About Hair Products: Mousse

Get fuller and bouncier hair without making it sticky or heavy. Some mousses help de-frizz, too. Mousse usually comes as a foam, like whipped cream, but can be a gel, too. Use on clean, towel-dried hair. Mousse works best on fine and normal hair; not as great on very curly or very thick hair.


To use: Spray a small bit into your palm. Run your hands through your hair starting at the scalp in the areas where you’re looking for lift. Best place to start: the hair around your face. To make your hair extra-springy and soft-looking, turn your head upside down and scrunch the rest of your hair, starting at the roots. Using a hairdryer or towel, dry your hair as best you can in this position. Flip your head up when you’re done, being careful not to hit any furniture! The result: Va-va voom!


Watch out: Too much

Smooth Moves 5 Shaving Tips for Beginners

If the hair on your legs and under your arms is getting you down, you’re not alone! Shaving can help you get back to feeling like your confident self. But before you go shopping for razors and shaving gel, be sure to talk to Mom or a trusted adult. Then you can brush up on these five shaving basics.


1. Always Use Your Own Razor
So you’re at your BFF’s house when you decide to meet up with friends. You really want to borrow that amazing new dress of hers that shows your legs, but your razor’s at home. As much as you want to use hers to get rid of that unwanted hair, razors shouldn’t be shared. Instead, try to add some new jewelry to that cute outfit you wore over and your legs will thank you later!


2. Shave Your Way
How often you shave is completely up to you. Some women shave every day, some only twice a week and some even less. It’s all about what feels right for you and makes you feel confident and beautiful. Gillette Venus razors give you an incredibly close shave, so you can flaunt a smooth,